1: 1. Upgrade your egg salad with avocado for a creamy twist. 2. Add a splash of hot sauce for a spicy kick in every bite.

2: 3. Use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise for a healthier option. 4. Amp up the flavor with fresh herbs like dill or chives.

3: 5. Opt for whole grain bread for added fiber and nutrients. 6. Mix in some crunchy bacon for a savory contrast in texture.

4: 7. Experiment with different types of mustard for a unique taste. 8. Try a sprinkle of smoked paprika for a smoky depth of flavor.

5: 9. Add some crunch with chopped celery or pickles. 10. Toast your bread for a deliciously golden and crispy sandwich.

6: 11. Make mini egg salad sliders for a fun and bite-sized treat. 12. Pack your sandwich with veggies like lettuce or sprouts for added freshness.

7: 13. Elevate your egg salad with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. 14. Grill your sandwich for a warm and toasty meal.

8: 15. Add a slice of ripe tomato for a burst of juiciness. 16. Top your sandwich with a sprinkle of crunchy sunflower seeds.

9: 17. Mix in a dollop of hummus for a creamy and flavorful twist. 18. Don't forget to season your egg salad with salt and pepper to taste.


Ultimate Lunch