1: "Spirited Away" - Dive into a world of spirits and magic in this Oscar-winning masterpiece.

2: "My Neighbor Totoro" - Join two sisters on enchanting adventures with a friendly forest spirit.

3: "Princess Mononoke" - Explore the battle between nature and industrialization in this epic tale.

4: "Howl's Moving Castle" - Journey with a young woman transformed into an old lady in a magical castle.

5: "Castle in the Sky" - Follow a boy and girl on a quest to find a legendary floating castle.

6: "Kiki's Delivery Service" - Fly high with a young witch navigating the ups and downs of independence.

7: "Ponyo" - Witness the love story between a young boy and a magical goldfish princess.

8: "The Wind Rises" - Discover the beautiful and heartbreaking story of an aircraft designer.

9: "The Tale of The Princess Kaguya" - Experience the stunning animation and emotional journey of a mysterious princess.