1: Classic French Manicure Get the timeless look with white tips and pale pink base for elegant nails.

2: Glitter French Tips Add some sparkle with glittery tips on a nude or colored base for a fun twist.

3: French Ombre Nails Blend colors seamlessly for a chic ombre effect on your French manicure.

4: Floral French Nails Incorporate delicate floral designs for a fresh and feminine French manicure.

5: French Tips with Geometric Patterns Experiment with geometric shapes and lines for a modern twist on the classic French manicure.

6: French Manicure with Accents Add accents like gems, pearls, or charms to elevate your French manicure look.

7: Bold French Tips Opt for bold and vibrant colors for a statement-making French manicure.

8: French Tips with Negative Space Get creative with negative space designs for a unique and contemporary French manicure.

9: French Manicure with Matte Finish Try a matte top coat for a modern and sophisticated take on the French manicure.