1: "Cody Rhodes faces off against The Bloodline in a epic showdown for the WWE Universal Title."

2: "The ring is electric as Cody Rhodes holds his own against The Bloodline's fierce attack."

3: "Fans are on the edge of their seats as Cody Rhodes launches a counterattack to take down The Bloodline."

4: "The intensity rises as Cody Rhodes unleashes his finishing move to secure victory over The Bloodline."

5: "The crowd roars as Cody Rhodes lifts the WWE Universal Title, triumphing over The Bloodline."

6: "History is made as Cody Rhodes becomes the new champion by defeating The Bloodline in a thrilling match."

7: "The rivalry reaches its climax as Cody Rhodes proves his dominance in the WWE Universal Title match."

8: "Cheers fill the arena as Cody Rhodes stands tall, having conquered The Bloodline to claim the championship."

9: "Cody Rhodes's triumph over The Bloodline cements his legacy as a WWE Universal Title contender."