1: Blue Blood fans react to news of Season 14 being the final season. Tom Selleck bids farewell to the beloved show.

2: CBS announces the end of an era with Blue Blood's Season 14. Fans express mixed emotions over the decision.

3: Tom Selleck reflects on his time as Frank Reagan on Blue Blood. The star's iconic role comes to an end.

4: CBS issues a statement addressing the conclusion of Blue Blood after 14 seasons. Fans share their memories of the show.

5: The legacy of Blue Blood and Tom Selleck's iconic character Frank Reagan lives on. A bittersweet farewell to the beloved series.

6: Fans express their appreciation for the cast and crew of Blue Blood as Season 14 marks the end of an era.

7: Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan on Blue Blood leaves a lasting impact on viewers. CBS addresses the show's conclusion.

8: The end of Season 14 of Blue Blood marks the end of an era for fans. Tom Selleck and CBS bid farewell to the beloved series.

9: As Blue Blood concludes its run after 14 seasons, fans reflect on the impact of the show and say goodbye to Frank Reagan.