1: Indulge in creamy sweet potato casserole topped with a crunchy pecan streusel.

2: Add a spicy kick with chipotle sweet potato casserole for a unique twist.

3: Go savory with a bacon and cheddar sweet potato casserole that will wow your taste buds.

4: Try a maple bourbon sweet potato casserole for a sweet and boozy twist.

5: Opt for a vegan-friendly coconut milk and marshmallow sweet potato casserole.

6: Impress guests with a decadent caramelized banana and walnut sweet potato casserole.

7: Create a healthier version using Greek yogurt and granola for a guilt-free treat.

8: Discover a Mexican-inspired sweet potato casserole with black beans and cilantro.

9: Experiment with a Mediterranean twist by adding feta cheese and olives to your casserole.