1: Start your day off right with Herbalife Shake, quick and nutritious for busy school mornings.

2: Vanilla Shake with berries, perfect blend of protein and antioxidants to keep you energized all morning.

3: Chocolate Shake, rich and satisfying breakfast option to curb your sweet cravings and fuel your day.

4: Peanut Butter Shake, a protein-packed and creamy breakfast choice for a satisfying start to your day.

5: Mint Chocolate Chip Shake, refreshing and indulgent option to kickstart your morning routine.

6: Banana Caramel Shake, deliciously sweet and smooth way to fuel up before a long day at school.

7: Cookies and Cream Shake, a decadent and guilt-free breakfast treat to start your morning off right.

8: Wild Berry Shake, a burst of fruity flavors and antioxidants to keep you refreshed and alert throughout the day.

9: Mocha Shake, a satisfying blend of coffee and chocolate flavors to wake you up and get you going in the morning.