1: Schnitzel - A breaded and fried cutlet, schnitzel is a must-try German dish for those on the go.

2: Currywurst - A popular street food in Germany, currywurst is a delicious and convenient option for busy eaters.

3: Bratwurst - A grilled sausage that can be eaten on the go, bratwurst is a classic German dish for quick meals.

4: Döner Kebab - A Turkish-inspired dish popular in Germany, döner kebab is a tasty and portable option for busy eaters.

5: Apfelstrudel - A traditional German dessert, apfelstrudel is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed on the go.

6: Kartoffelsalat - A classic German potato salad, kartoffelsalat is a convenient and flavorful dish for on-the-go eaters.

7: Spätzle - A type of German pasta, spätzle is a hearty and satisfying option for those looking for a quick meal.

8: Knödel - German dumplings that can be filled with meat or served as a side dish, knödel is a versatile option for busy eaters.

9: Rouladen - Thinly sliced beef rolled up with onions, pickles, and mustard, rouladen is a delicious and portable German dish to try.