1: "Start your day off right with these 3 morning stretches to boost flexibility and energy."

2: 1. "Cat-Cow: Stretch your spine and wake up your body with this gentle yoga pose."

3: 2. "Forward Fold: Release tension in your hamstrings and back for increased mobility."

4: 3. "Standing Side Stretch: Open up your side body to improve circulation and posture."

5: "Add these simple stretches to your morning routine for a more flexible and energized day."

6: "Benefits include reduced stiffness, improved blood flow, and enhanced overall well-being."

7: "Feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead with these invigorating stretches."

8: "Take care of your body and prioritize flexibility for a healthier and happier lifestyle."

9: "Try these morning stretches to start your day on the right foot and feel amazing!"